Русский Торонто
Служба знакомств

Возраст : 44
E-mail :
Город и страна: Россия, Санкт-Петербург

Регион проживания : Канада :: Торонто
Возрастная группа : 46-50

  Краткое описание :
Green-eyed witch. Sweet, kind, loyal, patient with charisma. Possessive in the positive sense of the word (my house, my family castle). I would like to meet a man who will love me with all his heart and soul, for life .. . Зеленоглазая Колдунья. Милая, добрая, верная, терпеливая с яркой харизмой. Собственница в хорошем смысле слова ( мой дом, семья моя крепость). Хотела бы встретить человека, который полюбит меня всей душой и сердцем, на всю оставшуюся жизнь. . .
  Полное описание :
Smart, loving, loyal, this man, whose family would be in first place. You see, I try to build a relationship of living together. I do not accept the betrayal. I am romantic soul, and in the life of a pragmatic and realistic. I want to meet a man for life, caring, who will give not only love, right friend , be for him and wife and mistress. if a man like me, is completely open to me and I can trust him. I do not want to lose years and feelings on a man who does not want to marry legally. A little ambitious, but do not let that scare, I am by nature possessive. Yes, I am a materialist in good terms, that is, I want to be a full mistress in a nice house, so as not to feel a man (as a guest). My husband, my home is my castle! I love dogs and cats. I am realized his dream when he was a child I had a dog breed; Scottish Terrier, and now 20 years later, the same Scottish Terrier reappeared. I do not like long, bad promises, a man must act now, because life goes on (here and now, not sometime later .. . )